The sex tutor helps a young boy for the first time in life

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Yuta doesn't want to go to school, he always stays alone in his room, not interacting with anyone. His father knew his son's personality so he did not force him, he just wanted him not to neglect his studies. So she invited Momo to be Yuta's tutor. The first time he met Momo, he was impressed by her pretty, cute face and seductive body. Yuta didn't dare look directly into Momo's eyes, instead he kept staring at this plump, hot chest. And since then, Momo has always been on Yuta's mind, he can't stop thinking about her. The next day, Yuta was still masturbating thinking about her, forgetting that Momo was supposed to be teaching today. Suddenly, Momo opened the door and saw everything. Knowing that her student was going through puberty and could not concentrate on studying, Momo immediately thought of a way... to fulfill her wish! She knew Yuta really liked her breasts, so she let her squeeze them and suck them comfortably. Momo also used her hands to help him ejaculate. The next day, Yuta took the initiative to end class early so he could study with Momo “ more “other topics”. Impressed by Yuta's efforts, Momo decides to “teach” about women's bodies, as well as “sex”. And since then, Yutan has improved significantly, his grades are getting better, he's more confident, he's happier. And after a while, Yuta decided to go back to school, his father felt extremely happy and grateful to Momo. He is still in a relationship with her and their relationship is not just tutor and student anymore…

The sex tutor helps a young boy for the first time in life

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