A wonderful morning with my lover in a far away place

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As the sun rises over the island of Lanzarote, voluptuous redhead Scarlett Jones is sleeping with Tommy Cabrio, cradled in his arms. Waking up early in the morning “Sunlight”, Scarlett surveys the breathtaking ocean views, then awakens her sleeping lover. They playfully wrestled with each other, their embrace becoming more and more seductive as Scarlett pulled down her lacy bra so her big, beautiful breasts jiggled freely. Now fully awake, Tommy caressed his lover's luscious curves, kissed her hungrily and caressed her soft red hair between her thighs as she jerked his hard cock his. Scarlett clenched around Tommy, guiding his erection into her tight pussy and riding her sensually, her breasts bouncing in front of his face. She slides up and down vigorously, shaking her hips to stir his big cock around inside her, then moves into a cowgirl squat position so she can move even more vigorously. Tommy flipped her over into missionary, thrusting hard to bring her one intense orgasm, and then another, before she jerked his ejaculation onto her trembling body. Glowing with happiness, they take a bath together; as Tommy massages Scarlett's breasts, it looks like they could spend some more time on their passion before heading out into the sun …

A wonderful morning with my lover in a far away place

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